​​Well broke horses & mules don't just happen. It takes miles under saddle over "some" terrain to make these animals great.  That's where we come in.

Well bred horses  & mules don't just happen either.  It takes hours of studying pedigrees & miles of riding to see what is fit to breed.  It also takes high standards of what we want to see in our livestock.  We don't just breed any old mare, she has to be broke and great to use.  The stallions were picked after agonizing over bloodlines for hours and days, finding them and traveling across the country to purchase them.  Many people believe that bloodlines don't matter but we believe they are everything.  Bloodlines have a history and they are an indicator of what you are going to be raising.  Both of Darling Creek Livestock's stallions have a rich history in their linage of great minds, athletes, & champions and it shows in their looks and minds and what they are passing onto their offspring.

Raising good minded horses & mules out in the rocks and creeks, as well as buying carefully selected animals, then putting them to work in the rugged Frank Church Wilderness is what makes a well broke using animal.  All of our breeding stock are  broke - this includes every brood mare as well as the stallions.  We know how the colts will pan out when they hit the ground.  These animals will log hundreds of miles in just a season!

 Darling Creek Livestock