Pippy as a 3 year old.

​Pippy Poo - 2005 black mare out of Annies Savage Iron by ​Mad Chargin Moose

JACKIE LEGGS 2008 Lease mare by DALE BADON, SI 97, winner of $53,544   out of BANDED, winner of $10,676.

One of 4 mare leased from long standing Idaho horseman and breeder, Don Kendall of Pocatello, ID.  JACKIE LEGGS is bred to PERKS ROCKN ROLLER for a 2019 foal.

​DH DOC LUCY - 2007 Lease mare by DALE BADON, SI 97, winner of $53, 544 out of TRUS MERRIDOC MISS.

One of four mares leased from long standing horseman and breeder, Don Kendall of Pocatello, ID.   

Snow By The River - 2007 bay mare out of Big Horn Rio by SNOWBOUND TWIST, SI 102, winner of $14, 979.

We purchased this mare in 2013 and after she passed the "using" test, she was added to the broodmare band.  We have used her in the back country to pack and ride.  She is a nice mare to use and handles the rough country sensibly. I purchased this mare sight unseen for her bloodlines - she has a lot of super running lines in her pedigree that also make great using horses! 


Stompede Netty -​2004 bay mare, out of Annies Savage Iron by The Advance Man, SI 114, winner of $60, 957

Netty is a great daughter of Annie whom also gets the job done.  She stands 15.3 and weighs in at approximately 1400 pounds.  She also covered the miles for me, sorted cattle and ran barrels.  She is lightning fast with explosive power, a mountain of a mare!  I've also ponied colts off her and hauled pack strings with her.  She is a deluxe cutting mare that loves to sort cattle.  I've won sortings on her and brought home the pay sorting cattle on her in the real world where fences are broken, ice is on the ground, snow is deep and cow manure is deep!  She has had three foals for me so far and they are all outstanding!

Breezy Night Te - 2005 bay mare out of FAST LANE JANE, winner of $2,497 and by THE ADVANCE MAN, SI 114, winner of $60, 958.

I call this mare Lil Jane.  We raised a pile of foals out of her dam, one was very successful on the track, one is a super barrel horse and the rest have been good using horses.  We use Lil Jane in the back country where she gets around the steep country great and is quiet and sensible.  She stands about 15.1, is well put together and very smooth with a great walk. She has had one foal for us so far.  She is an impeccably bred mare and her babies ought to light up the barrel world!

 PC Chick Chick Boon ​- 2011 buckskin mare out of PC Sun Kinda Chick and by PC Dox Boondito

We purchased this mare that we call Honey in 2013 from the Cowens in South Dakota.  When I went to pick up the stud colt, PC Lockemup Perks, I looked at Cowens' entire breeding program - all the brood mares, all the stallions that were on the premises and all the young stock.  Their horses are range raised and they ran in the two year old fillies in an alley for me to look at in two's and three's   (and there was probable 30 head).  Ty Cowen told me to let him know which were my favorites and he'd mark them.  I picked out three fillies and Ty sent them home with me to start and see how they "unfolded"and see how I liked them.    I had no experience with the PC horses up until this point.  This was certainly an impressive group of fillies to start and Honey is top shelf!  She is a queen and we are so pleased to have her in our band of horses.  She is a capacious 15.2 type mare and kind and sweet and very athletic!  She will be coming with her first foal in 2017 and  then she will be going back to work!   She is a horse that anyone can ride and as a 4 year old, I was ponying colts off her.

EASY BADON2011 Lease Mare by DALE BADON, SI 97, winner of $53,544  out of RAZEBERRY SPECIAL, SI 95, winner of

$13, 402.

One of four mares leased from long standing horseman and breeder, Don Kendall of Pocatello, ID.    

RARE DYNAMIC - 2007 grey mare out of Le Beduino by Six Shot Doc

We purchased "Dyna" in 2012 from a well established horse breeding program that we had much experience with.  We knew her dam and sire well with much experience riding many horses from this program.  She was 5 years old and went right to work ponying colts, sorting cattle and rounding up cattle behind a fire line on the forest.  Wyley was eight years old , rode her once and took her over.  Together they won many blue ribbons in 4H and she was his mainstay until 2015 when he started riding another young horse and she moved into the ranks of being a client horse for our Wild Idaho Outfitters.  She had her first foal in 2016 and another in 2017.  

Roseys Gone N Dun It -  2002 Dun mare out of Nu Barbie and by Foolers Easy Music

Rosey 15.1H with lots of go!  We purchased her in the spring of 2015 and she went directly in the back country as a client horse.  She has safely carried people of all ages and abilities on their back country experiences.  We have also used her to chase cattle.  She has not had a foal for us yet but are looking forward to a 2018 mule baby and then breeding her back to one of our stallions.

​Annie & Pippy and their 2016 foals.

Bless Her Heart - 2001 black TB mare out of Turquoise Queen, by Latin America

I purchased this mare in 2009 solely to raise babies out of her.  She is a very elegant mare with a lot of natural collection.  She was raced in California and Idaho and won a little over $60,000 at shorter distances.  She is a quiet kind mare that stands about 15.2 and is smooth and very balanced.  She got hurt shortly after I purchased her and when she healed up, my son who was nine at the time started riding her.  She is a mare anyone can ride.  She has had one filly for me so far and is coming with her second foal in 2017.

Bless Her Heart, Annies Savage Iron, Pippy Poo

Another mountain of a mare out of Annie.  Pippy is a full 16H and tipped the scales at 1300 pounds as a 3 year old. She wears a size 2 shoe and has to be easily 1500 pounds! She is also an easy traveling mare that has covered numerous miles for me in rough terrain and sorted cattle in less than ideal conditions!  We have bombed off the side of the mountain full speed chasing waspy bulls and sorted heavies in deep snow and icy conditions.  She has had two foals for me so far, both fillies and both BIG! I'm looking forward to the day she throws me a great big buckskin stud colt that will make one heck of a gelding!


RYTHM OF LOVE -  2012 lease mare by DALE BADON, SI 97, winner of $53,544 out of CHICKS GOT RHYTHM.

One of four mares leased from long standing horseman and breeder, Don Kendall of Pocatello, ID.  RYTHM OF LOVE is bred to PC LOCKEMUP PERKS for a 2019 foal.

Annies Savage Iron - 1996 black mare, out of War Lady Hancock by Keystone Kop

This mare is home raised, I purchased her dam (a chariot horse) in about 1990, rode the heck out of her and raised 6 good foals out of her.  I kept the best one(Annie) and she has been the all time BEST horse I've ever thrown a leg over!  I have done EVERYTHING on this mare from pushing cows, running barrels, picking up runaway horses on the track, ponying colts, dragging calves to the fire, roping bulls, to sorting cattle in the corrals and out in the big open. She is long legged (stands a full 16H) and smooth to ride with a heck of a walk.  She never missed a cow or calf when sorting even when I was sorting wild athletic brangus heifers! She was always the go to horse when a tough job needed done.  She is a favorite to anyone who was ever lucky enough to ride her.  She brought up all the kids and taught several people to ride.  She is the unique kind that is all horse if you know what you are doing but is slow and easy with a novice.  My only regret is that I haven't raised more foals out of her than I have (3 so far and one on the way for 2017).  Fillies out of this mare will absolutely not be sold!